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Last summer I was pleased to run photography workshops at the SLOT Art Festival.

I was talking about the portrait in space and about the relationship between the photographer, the portrayed person and the space around them. The creativity, open minds and the level of imagination exceeded all my expectations. It’s like I had access to the perception of each participant of the workshops and for a moment could experience the world from a completely different perspective – I recommend it because it really refreshes the existing schemes in our own heads. I want more of it and I look forward to another warm week in July at the abandoned Cistercian monastery in Lubiąż.

SLOT is a place where you can experience everything with every fiber of your being. SLOT means people who inspire you and do not leave you indifferent.

The photos that I put below show only a little of the festival – I used the camera very sporadically because I did not want to miss any moment of the event.