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A month had to pass to gather my thoughts and get into words what I wanted to say about this year’s Slot Art festival. The intensity of the events, meetings and conversations surpassed all my expectations. The reason it’s all still resonating in me, isn’t just the amount of everything that happened there. SLOT is a place where I feel at home, during which I don’t have to prove anything to anyone… I can just be myself. Whilst I was hanging up my photographs (with the help of good friends), in my favourite SLOT café, I was as happy as a child right before opening up a present. During my exhibition which was titled: Silent Language, I presented 16 portraits which were to be a sort of visual play, and experiment investigating different ways of human communication. I attached a short text, defining the idea behind the photographs:

I present to you anonymous people, blurred and embedded in space. Please try to look past the sheath of information, try to bypass your own mind which is probably trying to answer questions like: Who? Why? What for? Allow these images to speak, listen to their silent language. I’m really curious as to what you’ll hear.

I often say that words are problematic for me, they set limits, simplify or make incorrect assumptions in our heads – that’s why I use images. During the exhibition you could pen your thoughts down and a lot of words have now taken on a new meaning for me. I am full of gratitude and wonder. Thank you for your beautiful response. I am speechless, although that’s nothing new!