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I have recently been lucky enough to be able to work with dancers, choreographers and actors. Frankly, it was quite a challenge which soon developed into complete fascination. I was fascinated by the dynamics of our collaboration and the fragility of the moment. Every move the model made and every click of the camera is a new image, full of intense emotions. Their bodies become their way to communicate, which also gives us numerous ways to create.

I’d like to share a few words from Michał Przybyła, speaking about his work and view on reality, which also enabled me to share his dialog with nature with ease:

As a freelancer, I am currently working on a few projects simultaneously. I like the changes, the need to adapt to new tasks but most importantly, the responsibilities and decision-making. The people I work with inspire me. Every meeting is of great value to me. Very often, after a certain period of time, something matures in me and an idea for something new blooms in my mind. I gather every idea and write it down, most often on my phone as I always carry it around and it’s just most convenient. It’s my diary or notebook. Thanks to this, everything seems to align well and I don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting anything. What I value most though is a maxim I live by: Work without pressure. 

Here’s his website, where you can find out what he is up to at the moment: