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I had the extreme pleasure to experiment with Kuba – an unconventional, sensitive musician with an abstract sense of humour.

I would highly recommend checking out Romantic Fellas (my favourite song is Geisha) where Kuba is the vocalist and also have a look at his own music: Further Away.

He says about himself:

I’m Kuba. A thoughtful, sensitive and exceptionally sarcastic introvert. I’m interested in Christian mysticism, psychology, memes and food. I’ve been creating my own music projects for many years (currently, sadly, taking a break) Further Away. Nowadays, I sing (and rarely compose) in Romantic Fellas. I love sleeping, cigarettes, not doing anything and occasionally cooking. I believe that humans are fulfilled by reaching transcendence, touching something that lays beyond words – a deep, uncertain yet loving existence. I also believe that the best is yet to come even if it journeys through difficulties. I often get annoyed by my own narrow-mindness and theories about EVERYTHING – which is why I’m more drawn to listening to those wiser, rather than speaking myself.